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The OpenRMF User Interface at a Glance

OpenRMF Navigation

The main navigation is based on the Pike Admin responsive template. Once you login you have a menu of options on the left. Click the hamburger 3-line icon to make this menu collapse down to just icons. In the top far right are two icons. The help icon launches the OpenRMF Docs site in

OpenRMF Profile Menu

The second icon in that row is the person icon. Click that to find the User Profile and Logout links. The User Profile opens the Keycloak user profile page that is explained on the User Profile page. And the logout link will remove your session and take you to the logout page.

Accessing Online Help

OpenRMF Help

The page for OpenRMF is this site here. This is linked into the help icon in the menu bar on each page in the top right of the screen.

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